In my early thirties I joined Gold’s Gym where I did biceps curls and crunches.  Period.  Within a year I was competing in and winning powerlifting events.

In my mid-thirties my buddies raced triathlons and I wanted on that bandwagon.  And then I recalled I couldn’t swim.  And my bike was held together by rust.  Within two years I survived the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon.   

How can you start and stay on track with a fitness program?  Decide what excites you and laser focus on that.  Make some large goals that will inspire you.  You will have to move WAY outside your comfort zone, but nobody said the easy way is the most effective!  Put something at stake so it isn’t easy to back out.  Condition yourself for greatness.

Tighten, Tone, and Take Charge of your fears

Perhaps you are ready to get back in the gym or are a newbie to strength training.  Maybe what excites you is creating your best body and having flat abs.  Or you may want to race triathlons around the world.  Why not?    

Start at the beginning.  Gather the facts.  Break it down, naming specifically what you might fear or your questions that are barriers to taking the plunge.  Learn.  Knowledge will counteract fear.


What I Need to Know to Change my Body

Do any of these apply to you?

I am afraid I won’t gain benefits due to improper technique or lack of improper weight/reps for ME.

I am afraid I may be powerful beyond measure (you know what I am saying, but boosting your confidence means progress).

How long should I work out?

What days do I do which body parts?

What do I eat after?  Do I carb up before?

What about the cardio?  Is strength or cardio more important?

Don’t overthink it.  Link great thinking to action as action is itself the motivation.  Push the envelope:  don’t let your story rule your life and don’t underestimate yourself.  Develop a personalized and sustainable plan for change.

Stay tuned.  We will look at all these questions and develop thoughtful, intelligent approaches to reaching your best fitness level and what excites you.

Send me your questions and input.