It’s much more than the best exercises, sets, and reps

Do you want to be successful as a fitness coach? Try the following approach:

Describe three things that you are brilliant at doing in business. I came up with the following:

  1. I develop trust and an ideal coach/client relationship. I learn everything I can about my clients and let them know how I can help them improve and help themselves. I let them know I have lived the competitive and fitness life so I know the journey.
  1. I employ the power of objective observation. I demonstrate not only a uniquely skilled ability to teach, train, coach and work exceptionally effectively with adolescents and families, but also a keen knowledge of the human body and an awareness of human development, both physical and psychological.
  1. Communication is key. I have well-honed qualities as a communicator and the distinction of my interpersonal skills. All clients will communicate differently, but I am able to communicate with each one. I touch each person I engage.

A successful coach will inspire, motivate, and lead. For example, as a former world-ranked athlete (and I still hold the deadlift record!), I have demonstrated unparalleled leadership skills since my high school years. I bring those skills to each task I confront, whether in-school coaching or in my own practice as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

Inspiration stems from finding a key to the positive in each person with whom you come into contact. You will need a genuine interest in people and a positive respect for others. This allows you to enhance the ability of others to achieve the most of which they are capable. The effective coach is encouraging, humane, and appreciative of a person’s strengths while bonding with others to enhance their ability to improve their weaknesses.

Finally it is character. You need to display unquestionable honesty, pronounced integrity and keen judgment. For example, my values are rooted in her appreciation of the ability of others to progress and develop. I can unique motivate others with my unlimited energy, and am able to touch the core of even the most alienated and withdrawn client/athlete/student. I don’t wait for those most in need to come to m, but rather seeks them out, taking initiative to catalyze those who often would not step forward to move beyond and help themselves. I am an advocate.

Feel the same way about yourself? Then you are on the road to excel as a coach.


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